What is the CBD Oil Dosage? What Will it Cost?

The dosage for CBD is of course, different for everyone. The healthy person vs the person with severe symptoms, the young versus the old. We will give a few examples. Remember also that the most beneficial cannabinoid is Cannabidiol. It is abbreviated CBD. While our oil is called CBD, it is actually full-spectrum, meaning it utilizes all the cannabinoids, not just the CBD. We talk about this in another article. So we may use CBD and cannabinoids interchangeably when talking about CBD and CBD 7 CBD Oil.

Dosage and Age:

First, let’s discuss age. Younger people generally are healthier, recover quicker, and have more cannabinoids already working for them. Cannabinoids are found in ordinary food and are absorbed by the body. Mother’s milk is full of cannabinoids, resulting in a robust, bouncy happy healthy baby and boosted immunity. As we get older, we absorb less and less from food. Plus, much of what we eat is not as organic and healthy anyway and as a result has less cannabinoids. So as we get older, we get prone to more aches and pains, illnesses, and don’t sleep as well. In old or young, a malfunctioning endocannabinoid system may result in seizures, ADHD, illness, fibromyalgia, anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc. See our other article called Why CBD. For those people, age may not matter as much, the cannabinoids can provide sometimes miraculous benefits.

So we now will talk about dosage in general:

Remember that CBD 7 is 15X more effective than the typical CBD oil because it is full-spectrum AND water soluble. A dropper of CBD 7 is worth 15 droppers of a non-watersoluble brand. So when we are talking about recommended doses for CBD 7, this may not apply to other CBDs for the same benefit.

Generally, a person should start with a dropper a day for a week, whether healthy or treating severe symptoms. This will help rejuvenate the body’s endocannabinoid system. Then the dose can be adjusted up or down depending on need. A healthy person may then only need 1/4 dropper a day after the first week to maintain a good CBD presence in the body. A person with severe symptoms may adjust down as well if the symptoms get much better. Or they may choose to maintain the full dropper dose to be sure the benefits are maintained as well. Those with severe symptoms may want to do up to two droppers a day.

Again the idea is to take a full dropper for a week and then adjust as per personal need.

Now let’s talk about dosage and costs. These costs are based on the current price of CBD 7.

We can help you with the math!


After the first week, the recommend dose for healthy persons is only ¼ dropper per day.

That’s 4 doses per dropper, 30 droppers full in a bottle.

That’s 120 doses in a bottle

Highest cost for 1 bottle is $98

Cost per dose = $ 0.82 or 82 cents a day!


Now if you buy 3 bottles, the cost per bottle drops to 78$/bottle, making the dose only 68 Cents a day!


Remember, because CBD 7 is 15X more effective than other CBD oils, ¼ dropper is worth almost 4 FULL droppers in another brand. It is easily the most cost effective CBD out there

As you may have noticed, the bottle says a 30-day supply, but of course everyone’s needs are different. A dose is therefore dependent on needs, and the bottle is only labeled for those with the most severe symptoms. It’s better to take more than less than needed, since there are no side effects.

Now for those with severe symptoms, the recommended dose is a dropper/day, or about $3/day at the 1 bottle price, less when multiple bottles are purchased. If 3 bottles are bought at once, for example, the cost for a full dropper a day (worth 15 droppers of another brand!)comes down to only $2.60/day. While we can advertise as little a $1/day for the average person, some may need more for more severe cases, but in any case $1- $3/day is a small price for the benefits, especially when other medications being used can sometimes be reduced. Be sure to consult your doctor in any case before making these changes.

Not to mention no negative side-effects like for prescription drugs.

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And please let us know if you have any more questions.

A CBD 7 dose is 15X more effective than other CBD oils, so you need less. But what dosage is right for you?

A CBD 7 dose is 15X more effective than other CBD oils, so you need less. But what dosage is right for you?